we've buried a $100,000 TREASURE OF GOLD & SILVER in your city... seriously!

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The Hunt is ON!

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The map will be released at 12:01am on Saturday, June 1st 2019. Grab your map and your thinking cap! The hunt begins!!


This is the biggest, coolest, on-purpose treasure hunt, ever!!

Our team has buried $300,000 worth of Gold in 3 Western Canadian Cities. There’s $100,000 buried in Calgary, $100,000 buried in Edmonton & $100,000 buried in Vancouver.

Can you be the first to find our buried treasure?
What will you do with $100,000.00?



note: Credit Card is required to purchase online. If you need alternate payment options…



note: Credit Card is required to purchase online. If you need alternate payment options…

Frequently asked questions

Great question!! Yes, there absolutely is a treasure chest worth $100,000 of Gold and Silver. Included is a redemption certificate. In order to claim the asset, you must provide proof of purchase for your map. Also, this way, we know the treasure has been found and we can start a new hunt.

Our team has always been fascinated by finding gold & buried treasure. Who hasn’t, right? We wanted to build something very similar to a real life treasure hunt with cryptic clues and a treasure that requires your skill and wits to find it. Thankfully, there are no booby traps.

Your map will include a poem which contains a series of riddles and encrypted messaging that will make your job of finding the treasure more active and engaging. Your “map” includes everything you need to find the treasure, but the additional clues provide hints to help you solve the mystery faster. Your map is digital so you’ll be able to get access to it directly from your smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

There are 5 additional clues consisting of hints, riddles, poems and reference points that are not available to those who purchase just the map. The clues can expedite your hunt and ensure your success in finding the treasure.

We’re passionate about the thrill of the hunt. We are taking this adventure across Canada, and changing lives in the most thrilling and exciting way possible. Yes, we stand to profit or lose from this endeavor, but after all …this is a treasure hunt and it’s going to be awesome either way!

We believe that integrity is super important. It’s our mission to create a fun, epic treasure hunt in Canada.
We hope to have more treasure hunts with more than $1,000,000 in Gold and Silver over the next 3 years.
Let’s take this thing across the nation!!

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Get the MAP, or
extra clues!

Get the MAP, or
extra clues!

Get the MAP, or
extra clues!